g-k-chesterton-collectionEveryone loves a bargain! And readers love the works of English writer, philosopher and apologist G.K. Chesterton.

So I thought I’d share this outstanding deal which came to my attention:  Fifty (FIFTY!!!) books by Chesterton, in one package, for just $1.99! Amazon is offering the G.K. Chesterton Collection for Kindle–but you can read it on your smartphone, tablet or computer using the free Kindle app.

There are fifty books in one. You’ll have

  • 22 non-fiction books
  • 11 fiction books
  • 8 biographies
  • 4 poetry
  • 1 play
  • 3 critiques
  • 1 introduction to Gilbert Keith Chesterton

There is an Active Index to all books, and 50 Tables of Contents, one for each book in the collection. In all, over 2.3 million words in one E-Book!

The work includes Illustrations by the French artist Claude Monet.

Really–I’m not kidding!  You can order your G.K. Chesterton Collection here.

You’re welcome.