Did you watch the Grammys last night? I confess, I saw a bit of the show–switching channels between that and the Pope’s Mass in Mexico. (I’m a Church geek more than I’m a music geek.)

Anyway, at least during the segments which I watched, I saw none of the outrageous speeches and performances which have come to characterize the Grammys in my mind.

The stage productions were fantastic (except for poor Adele, because the sound system faltered during what would have been a stellar performance). The scene from the Broadway play “Hamilton” fascinated me, because I haven’t been able to see the play, and I had no idea that the story had been so creatively presented. I enjoyed the Eagles’ tribute to Glenn Frey, and Lady Gaga’s montage honoring David Bowie was, well, interesting.

I was disappointed that Joey and Rory Feek didn’t win the Grammy for Best Country Group/Duo; but I was glad that Joey, in hospice as she faces terminal cancer, lived long enough to watch the Grammys from their Indiana home.

Anyway, I captured this Twitter screen clip last year. I spotted it over on Reddit, and it was just too good not to share.

  • Make fun of the Grammys?  Check.
  • Nudge Catholics to really live their faith?  Check.
  • Make me laugh:  Check.