For a few hours on Saturday, I thought the whole Target bathroom debacle was over. I was deceived by a disreputable website which alleged that Target, responding to public pressure, had reversed its trans-friendly policy permitting anyone to use any restroom, at any time, depending on what gender they “felt” like. “Target has announced,” they reported,

“…that after listening to their customer base and carefully reviewing the newly announced chain-wide policy regarding transgender customers using the bathroom that matches their gender identity, they have decided to temporarily reverse the policy until they can find a new solution that ensures all of their guests are comfortable while using the restroom.”

The website even posted a supposed statement from Target spokesman Jeremy Clarke, saying,

“Our goal has always been to create an environment that is inclusive and comfortable for all of our guests. We did not previously understand the magnitude of our decision and could not foresee the large population of guests that could potentially be placed in an uncomfortable position by the policy. We will be working diligently to implement a new policy that is amicable for all guests. We have discussed creating a third restroom option for our unisex or LGBT guests.”


I wrote a triumphant “We won!” post, then had to retract my column and apologize to my readers for the error.

Actually, the Target Corporation has not rescinded its over-the-top embrace of the transsexual movement, even though the open bathroom policy endangers their women customers and children, who may encounter an abuser in the restroom.

In fact, USA Today reports that as of April 25, more than 517,000 have joined in a boycott of the merchant chain. According to the USA Today report:

The petition started by the American Family Association on Wednesday raises concerns that Target’s inclusive stance on transgender rights encourages sexual predators and puts women and young girls in danger, because “a man can simply say he ‘feels like a woman today’ and enter the women’s restroom.”

In the post I wrote, then retracted yesterday, I quoted a blogger named Cate who writes at the Mary from Martha blog. In An Open Letter to Target: Regarding Your New Restroom Policy, she laid out statistics to bolster her criticism of the policy. Cate wrote:

I realize that everyone needs to feel accepted, loved, and wanted. I know the struggles of a person struggling to find their identity. I also know that as of September 2012, a Gallup poll showed that approximately 3.4% of Americans identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. If, for argument’s sake, we assume that those groups are of equal representation in that number, that would indicate that of the American population, only 0.85% of Americans identify as transgender.

Let’s also look at other statistics, taken from RAINN.ORG:

1 in 6 women will be the victim of attempted or completed rape in her lifetime.

1 in 9 girls under 18 have REPORTED being the victim of sexual assault.

1 in 53 boys under 18 have REPORTED being the victim of sexual assault.

These numbers factor out to being 16.67% of women, 11.11% of girls, and 1.89% of boys.

If anyone is allowed to “claim” an identity of a gender not their own, they will have unlimited access to anyone they so choose. A woman could claim to “identify as a man” and YOUR little boy could become 1 in 9 in an instant. A man could claim to “identity as a woman” and have instant access to myself and my daughters. BAM. I am 1 in 6 and my little girls are 1 in 9.

You have taken the FEELINGS of LESS THAN ONE PERCENT of our population into account  and in one swift statement told the entire country that the safety of our vulnerable women and children is of no concern to you or your staff.

Read the rest of her post here

OKEY-DOKEY. I don’t usually buy into the random “Boycott Such-and-Such” stuff you see on the Internet. I mean, you’d go hungry and naked if you really never spent money anywhere where you disagreed with corporate policies.

But the Target thing is gaining steam… and it seems to me that if Christians are going to make their case in support of privacy in public restrooms, they’d better do it in strength. For the merchandising company which Katie Couric has elegantly called “tar-JAY'” to lose only a few bucks would permit not only the management of the Target chain, but also other business leaders, to write off the concerned parents. So count me in!

YES, I’LL JOIN THE BOYCOTT! Will you join me?