at-play-in-gods-creationThe coloring craze has taken over America! Where once women (and men) may have exercised their creativity by baking or sewing or working with wood, an increasing number of people are getting out their crayons or colored pencils, and spending time in a coloring book. My local library has a coloring program which is attended by many senior citizens, as well as others who simply enjoy the chance to join the group and work on a project together.

Now, Franciscan Media has found a way to combine the joy of creative coloring with contemplative prayer. Written by Tara M. Owens and richly illustrated by Daniel W. Sorensen, At Play in God’s Creation is an elegant compilation of illustrations to color. But unlike other books of floral or abstract art, At Play in God’s Creation includes prayers, meditations from Scripture, and quotes from the saints:  St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Hildegard of Bingen, St. John of the Cross and more.

Several of the illustrations are labyrinths, like the stone circles which medieval peasants walked, praying as they contemplated the greatness of God.

Some of the illustrations are playful, with objects hidden amid the complex patterns. Some ask questions; some encourage deeper reflection on life’s meaning. All offer an opportunity to be creative. I can imagine that a well-executed illustration from this book would be suitable for framing.

At Play in God’s Creation would be a really neat-o Christmas gift for a special young person, old person, or anyone on your gift list!