The Superbowl is known not just for great football rivalry and a star-studded halftime show, but also for the quality of the commercials.

This Doritos 2016 Crash the Super Bowl Finalist commercial, created by Peter Carstairs from Perth, Australia, takes us through a couple’s ultrasound session. In the 30-second commercial, the husband is snacking loudly on a bag of Doritos, and the wife complains to the doctor about what she has to deal with. Relatable for many, certainly.

Doritos commercial - ultrasoundBut then this happens: Daddy begins to move a chip toward Mommy’s belly, and the baby reaches for it. Having some fun with this, he moves the chip back and forth and watches as the fetus pushes toward it, causing the woman to yell in pain. All of this can be seen on the ultrasound device (which, whilst not named or branded, looks similar to some of those from It is a fairly funny and comedic scene, but it does not end there. Fed up with his nonsense, she grabs the chip and flings it across the room. The baby lunges toward the tossed chip; the mother suddenly lets out a loud scream, and the doctor and husband join in the screaming as the baby’s cries can be heard. The miracle of childbirth, right? If only it was that easy in real life (albeit hopefully less painful for the mother). tells the story, noting that “It’s always an encouraging sign when pop culture recognizes the humanity of a baby in the womb.”