Oh, I wish you could all win!

So many of you were interested in FORMED, the new program from the Augustine Institute. And oh, the opportunities you would have! The great Catholic educational programs, the movies, the scripture study and audio programs and lectures and books!

Unfortunately, I had only three prizes to give away; but even if you aren’t a winner today, you can still receive access to all this great content, by signing up for a individual subscription or–better yet!–persuading your pastor to make FORMED available to everyone in the parish.

For now, here are tonight’s winners:

Free lecture by Dr. Timothy Gray, president of the Augustine Institute – “Can You Trust God?”

Winner #1:  Nancy Everett

Winner #2:  Teresa

And the Big Prize – a one-year subscription to FORMED.org

Grand Prize Winner:  Holley Krasnodemski

I will be notifying each of the winners by email, confirming details so that they can receive their prizes. Congratulations! What a wonderful Christmas gift!