First_stabilisation_ponds_of_wastewater_treatment_plant_(6908386369)An employee at a wastewater treatment facility in South Carolina has made a grisly discovery:  Two fetuses have been found at the Plum Island Wastewater Treatment Plant on James Island, near Charleston.

The pre-born infants, believed to be in the second trimester, were discovered August 8 in wastewater at a pumping station. Following the discovery, plant officials called the authorities, and officers were sent to the scene. According to a report in the Greenville (SC) News:

Charleston County Coroner Rae Wooten says the age of the fetuses was hard to tell, but they were probably second trimester. She says it’s unlikely they could have survived on their own outside the womb.

Authorities say it’s impossible to tell how long they were in the water.

Wooten says there’s no way to track exactly where the fetuses came from, referring to it as an “isolated situation.”

Planned Parenthood operates the Charleston Health Center on James Island. Another facility, the Charleston Women’s Medical Center, also provides assistance to women wishing to kill their children before birth.

LowcountryBUT HELP IS AVAILABLE for South Carolina women facing an unplanned pregnancy: The DAZZ Pregnancy and Sexual Health Center (also known as the Lowcountry Pregnancy Center) offers help including free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, STD/STI testing, nurse consultations, options counseling, referrals and education.

Faye Hill, President/CEO of Lowcountry Pregnancy Center, said, “We are here to help women in difficult situations to understand that there are alternatives to abortion.”

If you are in South Carolina and are facing a difficult pregnancy situation, or if you would like to help, visit their website or call 843-553-3505.


Image:  First Stabilization Ponds of Wastewater Treatment Plant By SuSanA Secretariat

[CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons