formedimage1_2016It’s been a long day, and you’re tired. You’d like to sit on the sofa, winding down with a family-friendly movie. You need FORMED!

Your children just love a Christmas Special or an animated film. You need FORMED!

Busy washing the dishes, and you can’t take time to watch TV–but you could listen to a radio drama while you work! You need FORMED!

You’re active at your parish, but you wish there were more opportunities for discipleship training; or you want to enrich your parish’s sacramental prep. You need FORMED!

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formed-rome-sweet-homeSo what is this FORMED of which I speak?

It’s a wide-ranging, Netflix-like Video-On-Demand and digital content service that gives you solid Catholic content–audio, video, e-books and feature-length films. Already, more than 210,000 users in more than 2,300 parishes across America have found their way to the website to see for themselves the hundreds of listening and viewing options. Many dioceses (Baker, Cincinnati, Lincoln, Colorado Springs, Philadelphia, Cheyenne, Arlington, Birmingham…) have signed up for a subscription, enabling Catholics in every parish to access the wealth of content available. The Archdiocese of New York, for example, has offered its 2.6 million parishioners in 296 parishes unlimited access to FORMED content for the next year, free of charge.

So what can you get, if you subscribe?

formed-love-is-a-choiceFirst, there are books: books to help you explore the Catholic faith, books to inspire. Books like Cardinal Sarah’s “God or Nothing”, Peter Kreeft’s “Angels and Demons”, and so much more!

There are entire series:  Bishop Robert Barron’s “Catholicism” series, Bible studies, sacramental prep and faith formation, group studies and group retreats, and–you guessed it!–so much more!

formed-childrens-storyThere are movies:  full-length features like “Guadalupe, narrated by Jim Caviezel; films about saints, like “Mother Teresa” starring Olivia Hussey, and “Love Is a Choice,” the life story of St. Gianna Molla. One of my favorites–a film which I reviewed when it opened in theaters–is “Mary of Nazareth.”

formed-marriage-and-annulmentsConversion stories, adult faith formation, apologetics, topics in prayer and spirituality, marriage and family, children’s stories…. Scott Hahn and Jason Evert, Fr. Michael Schmitz and Jeff Cavins and Jennifer Fulwiler….

Is there NOTHING they’ve omitted?

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And here’s my news:  YOU CAN WIN!!!

I’ll be holding a drawing on Sunday, and THREE LUCKY WINNERS will win prizes just for posting a comment here on this blog.

formed-symbolonTwo people will each win a copy of a new talk by Dr. Tim Gray, President of the Augustine Institute, titled “Can You Trust God?”

And (drum roll, please) ONE LUCKY READER will win a one-year individual subscription to FORMED (it’s about a $120 value).

Each person who asks a question or makes a comment will get one chance to win. The lucky commenters will be chosen at random (On Sunday, December 18, I’ll close my eyes and draw names from a jar, the old-fashioned way).

formed-mary-of-nazarethI’ll notify you by private message if you’re a winner, and you can then send me your mailing address. Then… Voila! A great gift to enjoy or to tuck under the tree will be coming your way!