Dynel Lane of Longmont, Colorado was sentenced Friday to 100 years in prison for cutting a seven-month-old fetus from its mother’s womb. Lane had lured the pregnant woman, Michelle Wilkins, to her home in 2015 by advertising maternity clothes for sale on Craigslist. She then assaulted Wilkins, beating and stabbing her, then performing what was called “a kitchen table cesarian section” to remove the baby from her uterus.

Apparently, Lane had been living with a man and had feigned a pregnancy in an attempt to keep him in her life. Actually, she had previously undergone a tubal ligation; but to keep the interest of the man, she pretended that she was pregnant, pretended to go to the doctor. On the day of the attack, the boyfriend had told Lane, “We’re going to the doctor to figure this out.” He warned that if she was not pregnant and was instead trying to trick him, then she was “out of here.”

So Lane, desperate to hold onto the man who was ready to dump her, took decisive action. She chopped up a pregnant woman and tried to steal a newborn. The pregnant woman survived; her baby did not.

The judge, noting the severity of the assault against Wilkins, sentenced Dynel Lane to 48 years for attempted murder and 32 years for “unlawful termination of a pregnancy.” The remainder of her sentence was for assault charges.

But notice this:  There was no penalty for killing Aurora, Michelle Wilkins’ unborn child, because, as the coroner reported, there was “no evidence that the fetus had lived outside the womb.” As abortion advocates have insisted, a fetus who dies while still inside the womb is not a person under the law; so no murder was committed.

Colorado Republicans, responding to this horrible case, attempted for a third time to pass legislation which would have permitted a murder charge. And for the third time, Colorado Democrats rejected the measure. So far 38 states have successfully passed legislation which recognizes that under certain circumstances, a criminal can be convicted of murder for causing the death of a fetus in the womb. Abortion-rights advocates continue to oppose such legislation.

Just in case you aren’t sure what that “bundle of cells” looks like–here is Baby Aurora Wilkins, who was killed after seven months’ gestation. May God welcome her home, and having missed the joys of childhood here n earth, may she know eternal joy in heaven.

Baby Aurora

Images: Screenshots from news report by KUSA-TV, the USA Today Network.