Less than a week until Christmas–and you still need one small stocking stuffer or one more gift! Here are more ideas intended especially for Catholic kids.

CAN YOU FIND JESUS? Introducing Your Child to the Gospel

Intended as a way to teach familiar Bible stories to small children, this is a kind of “Where’s Waldo?”, er, “Where’s Jesus?” puzzle.

As you search the charming illustrations for Jesus and other biblical figures together, your child will learn about Jesus and many of the things he did.

In addition, ten symbols associated with the life of Jesus are hidden in each picture throughout the book.


My Pop-Out Mass Kit

The Pop-Out Mass Kit includes fourteen sturdy cardboard pieces, helping young children understand the things he sees on the altar during Mass. This is one of those “quiet” toys that would work well for a toddler at Mass. Sitting with Mommy and Daddy in the pew, he could “celebrate” Mass right along with the priest.


My First Rosary

You’ve seen children’s rosaries made of colorful wooden beads–but this one is a plush toy in Marian blue. Good for chewing, quiet in the pew!

And it comes with a CD of the Glorious Mysteries, which you can play when you’re at home.






Scattergories: Bible Edition

The whole family can have fun with this one! Scattergories was a favorite game when our children were young–and I wish we’d had Scattergories: Bible Edition on family game nights.