So you wouldn’t expect a guy who makes his living by killing helpless pre-born children to be a good guy, would you?
MDOCDr. Thomas Gordon, medical director at the Heritage Clinic in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is a case in point: Besides working as an abortionist, Gordon has had a number of run-ins with the law including four criminal convictions.
And now the State of Michigan may impose sanctions against the abortionist for failing to report those convictions, as required by law. Because he didn’t disclose this information, no one knew about Dr. Gordan’s past. If someone was to search for a criminal past of a medical professional, for example, if there was anything that causes suspision, then this would have been identified way before they were able to start working in this industry. Now he will need the aid of an appeals attorney San Antonio or a local law firm if he wanted to overturn his convictions.

Grand Rapids news station WZZM reports:
Over several months leaders at Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs investigated Dr. Gordon’s past and concluded in a complaint filed by the state last month that the doctor was not complying with the state’s Public Health Code. Specifically that he didn’t report to the Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs his criminal record as required.
Gordon’s criminal record includes at least four convictions, including:
  • 1992 Aggravated Assault in 1992, for which he received a suspended jail sentence;
  • A Domestic Violence case in 2012, which brought a four-day jail sentence;
  • A Disorderly Person conviction in 2015, which resulted in a suspended jail sentence; and
  • An OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) conviction in 2015, for which he also received probation.
In a fifth incident, his wife Shelley filed a Personal Protection Order against him in 2010. Shelley Gordon wrote in that complaint,
“Thomas has beat (me) several times in the past 3 years, he has even put his 45 mm pistol to my head when I was sleeping.”
Police records show that in the 2012 incident, for which Gordon served only four days in jail, the doctor said to his wife, “I’ll shoot you and anyone that _________ with me.”
And an investigative report on the website lists yet another arrest, not reported by WZZM:
According to Kent County booking number 1600779, Gordon spent 4 days in jail after his arrest on January 13, 2016. Records indicate that Gordon was charged with “disorderly person/fighting jostling.”

A search on the Michigan Department of Corrections website reveals that Gordon was also arrested in 2011. In that incident, his offenses included domestic violence as well as “Weapons – Firearms – Possession Under the Influence.”

State regulators, in their complaint against Dr. Gordon, say that his prior convictions “constitute a misdemeanor conviction that is reasonably related to or that adversely affects the licensee’s ability to practice in a safe and competent manner.”

Gordon has until June 6 to respond to the complaint. If he fails to respond, the Board of Medicine’s disciplinary committee can impose sanctions which may include suspension of his license, a fine, or simply probation.

Thank you to pro-life investigator Lynn Mills for uncovering this story.

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