Milo Yiannopoulos, the British technology columnist at Breitbart News and speaker who has made waves on college campuses by challenging popular notions of political correctness, told an audience at Minnesota State University that “Catholics are right about everything.”

Explaining that we owe the Catholic Church a debt of gratitude for a wide range of social developments, Milo said:

“I like to say Catholics are right about everything, but in the same way that a Christmas family gathering includes your cousins who are a bit slow, I will include protestants in this discussion as well. There are so many things that we owe the religion as a debt of gratitude, I can’t list many of them without this turning into a pep rally for Jesus and his Apostles.”

Among the contributions which Christianity made, Milo cited the higher education system as well as consensual marriage, which protected and valued women. “In the twelfth century,” he said,

“…marriage came to be counted as a sacrament by the Catholic Church. As a sacrament, it does not require a priest, only the agreement of the man and woman, which is the greatest protection ever given to women in a system of marriage: by the Church’s argument, women cannot be married against their will, they and the groom must both say, “I do.””

Milo brings to the stage an amalgam of contrasts: He is a self-described practicing Catholic, yet a practicing homosexual; and while he has said that he’d change his same-sex attraction if he could, he makes no apology for his lifestyle. His politically incorrect presentations have drawn ire from liberal student groups, but he has attracted large audiences who appreciate his honesty.

Anyway, he’s a pretty interesting guy. See it for yourself. (Warning: Strong language.)

Image:  Screenshot from YouTube video