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7 New Planets Could Support Life? Great–Let’s Baptize the Aliens!

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Less than 40 light-years away, in the constellation Aquarius, astronomers have just discovered seven new Earth-size planets, circling a dim dwarf star named Trappist-1 -- and at least three of these rocky planets could support

Why Do Catholics Do That?

Whether you’re a life-long Catholic or someone who has little direct experience with Catholicism, you may have questions.

  • Why do Catholics pray to Mary and the saints?
  • Why so much kneeling at Mass?
  • Why does the Catholic Church require attendance at Sunday Mass; can’t you pray at home or at the beach?

Here you’ll find answers to some of these and other puzzling questions about the Catholic Faith.


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"Why Do Catholics Do That?"

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Seasons of Grace

Reflections on Faith, Family, and the Future of America

“Seasons of Grace” is a letter from my heart. From faith to family, from technology to travel, I’ll be touching on these topics and more—to quote an old and dear friend—through the lens of Scripture and the vantage point of my Catholic Faith. I look forward to talking with you!

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Kathy Schiffer is a correspondent and blogger for the National Catholic Register. Her freelance articles have appeared in Aleteia, Zenit, the Michigan Catholic, Legatus Magazine, and other Catholic publications. She’s worked for Catholic and Christian ministries since 1988, as radio producer, director of special events and media relations coordinator. Kathy and her husband, Deacon Jerry Schiffer, have three adult children.
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