If it’s November, it’s time I climbed out of the political doldrums and began my Christmas shopping! That’s why I decided to share with you the ultimate stocking stuffer idea for Catholics in the computer generation:  HOLY FLASH DRIVES!

Not too much memory (just 8 gigs), but they’re so darned cute the kids will want to store their homework on them or carry them in their pockets or on their keychains just for fun.  Here, Our Lady of Guadalupe:


And there’s St. Michael the Archangel:


(Warning:  St. Michael’s got Satan under his heel, sure enough, but he’s smaller than the others with only 4 gb of memory.)

And there’s St. Patrick, driving snakes away for the Irish kids:


Or St. Therese of Lisieux, dropping rosebuds from heaven, for devotees of the “Little Way”:


If these don’t tickle your fancy, check out St. Padre Pio, rosary at his waist, stigmata evident as he blesses you.


…or St. Francis with a dove and a wolf!


There’s even (and this may be the best of all for Christmas!) a St. Nicholas thumb drive. Look closely: He’s got gold coins to pay the dowries of three impoverished young women, and a book–perhaps from the First Council of Nicaea.


Suitable for Catholics of all ages!