What’s really important to Michael Cottone is family.

When life didn’t go as planned, after struggling to conceive, Michael and his wife Brigit decided to look into adoption. Now they are the proud parents of Vincent, a 5 month old, healthy baby boy. For Michael, everything changed in an instant.

“It’s not just me anymore. Everything’s changed. Every action, every thought, every breath is about Vincent.”

Michael, Brigit and Vincent Cottone (Source: Facebook)

Michael, Brigit and Vincent Cottone (Source: Facebook)

Speaking about his young son, Michael says,

“I wanted to be a father to teach the life lessons I’ve learned… The things that I did wrong, to guide him on the right path.”

His story is told in a new commercial for Jockey, part of the company’s new “Show ‘Em What’s Underneath” campaign.

  • In an era of abortion on demand, Michael’s story is a reminder that adoption is the better option for women facing problem pregnancies.
  • In an era of accelerating racial tensions, Michael Cottone and his son remind us that love transcends the barriers which divide.

Thank you to Jockey for making this beautiful commercial.