U.S. Bishops Call for Prayer for Peace in Our Communities

Is there a problem with race relations in America? This has been the year when the Black Lives Matter movement marched in San Francisco, protested in Salt Lake City and in Dallas, and organized protests in 88 American cities, alleging that police have used undue force against black citizens.

And there’s Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback who is protesting the plight of race relations in America by refusing to stand as the National Anthem is played at games.

Perhaps you think¬†that police have been aggressive in protecting the public from black criminals, or perhaps¬†you think that only a few officers have overstepped their authority and that most police officers deserve our thanks and support, you will agree that we have reached a point of high tension in America’s cities.

Today on the memorial of St. Peter Claver, who was declared by Pope Leo XIII to be the worldwide patron of missionary work among black slaves, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops have asked all Catholics and people of faith to offer a prayer for peace in our communities. Take a moment, if you haven’t yet today, to pray for an end to racism and a new beginning as brothers and sisters in Christ.


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