On Monday, April 11, the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communications announced a new web initiative: DotCatholic. The new technology office will work to inform and engage the worldwide virtual community–making Catholic doctrine, preaching, and ethos available via the Internet.

From Vatican Radio, here is the English-language translation of the Secretariat’s statement:


At the invitation of the Secretariat, of State of the Holy See, the Secretariat for Communications has established a Bureau called “DotCatholic” with the purpose of utilizing a generic Internet domain name (.catholic) of the first level, in order to share the teachings, the message and the values of the Catholic Church with the broader global community in Cyberspace.

The former director of Vatican Radio’s Information Technology department, Eng. Mauro Milita, has been named head of the new working group, which counts 7 IT technicians on its staff.