Today I bring news of a helpful little volume, the Pocket Book of Prayers for Young Professionals.

Pocket PrayersI’m not sure where I stumbled across this slender book of 100 simple prayers, but I recognized in it a theme that would be of interest, not only to young people, but to everyone who seeks to follow God while maneuvering in the business world. Author Julie Rattey includes everyday prayers, but also quick little prayers for special circumstances:

During a job search, Julie suggests praying a prayer before a job interview, a prayer during time of unemployment, and a prayer for help in discerning one’s vocation.

When you’re under stress, you can pray Julie’s little prayer for turning stress over to God, the prayer to meet a deadline.

Tough times at work are addressed directly: There’s a prayer to avoid gossip, a prayer when someone’s been fired, and a prayer when you’re struggling with a big decision, and a prayer when one must deliver bad news. There’s even a prayer when coping with romantic interest from a colleague.

There’s an immensely practical little prayer about working the late shift:

Sometimes I struggle to work these hours, God. I’m frustrated with getting up and going to bed at odd times, of not seeing friends and family, of feeling cut off from the rest of the world. For however long I need to continue this work, please help me find things to be grateful for: shorter lines in the grocery store, less traffic on the road, and the peacefulness of the very early or late hours of the day. Help me take comfort in knowing that this work provides for my needs and those of

[insert names if appropriate]. Help me to use this time to find ways of drawing closer to you.

But it isn’t only at the bad times that we should turn our hearts toward God. Sometimes, Julie shows us, prayers celebrate the good times in life. Some examples are the quick prayer of thanksgiving for a raise, on snagging one’s dream job, on achieving a long term goal, a prayer when the inbox is empty, and a prayer when a disaster is averted.

Pocket Prayers for Young Professionals is published by Twenty-Third Publications. This tiny book (I measured it–it’s only 4″ x 6″) fits easily in purse or pocket. It would be a great gift for a college student, or a thoughtful stocking stuffer for a young person or for anyone who seeks to meld work life and prayer life.